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News in campus fashions comes in twos for fall, as girl collegians not only follow male fashions but catch up

The collegiate practice of "borrowing from the boys" has come a long way since the first pair of blue jeans was swiped. It no longer takes the girls a year or two to catch up. What is designed for the boys is designed for the girls, and this year's college fashions will look startlingly alike for both sexes.

Strongest partners in the bilateral fashion lineup are sports clothes—the rugged outerwear that stands up to the outdoor life of campuses. Both boys and girls will have a new variety of short all-weather coats to team with pants that seem to be longer and leaner.

Both will have a wonderful new variety of sports jackets—Norfolk types to wear with knickers; dressed-up blue flannel blazers; bold check tweeds; such practical novelties as washable leathers and cotton carpeting for the girls.

Both will have Bermuda shorts, new in corduroy, coverts and twills. Both will be wearing bulkier sweaters, and for both there is a strong new interest in heavy knit cardigans.

For a preview of the fashions that will go two by two onto campuses this fall, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED went to coeducational Swarthmore in Pennsylvania and there photographed young collegians looking alike.

Silhouetted in winter-weight toppers, long pants are: Dave Goslin, fleece coat (B. W. Harris, $45); Try Wieland, poplin jacket (McGregor, $20); Ann Pacsu, tweed knicker suit (John Weitz for AMCO, $26); Alan Robinson, corduroy jacket (Bantamac, $30); Pat Bridges, tweed jacket (Harris Raincoat, $25); Vern McCabe, toggle jacket (Lustberg-Nast, $36), six-foot scarf (Cisco, $5).

Bulky Cardigans arc candidates to replace the old school tie. Stephanie Moss and Bob Barr wear their stripes in bulky spun Orion (Corey, $30 each). Stephanie's Bermudas are also knitted (Sacony, $10). Collegiate crew socks repeat the sweater stripes.

Lederhosen are worn with Tyrolean shirt (Greta Plattry, $30) by Marilyn Mottolese, who talks to Soccer Captain Larry Shane.

Carpet bag cardigan ($30), satchel ($25) and whipcord shorts ($11, all Glen of Michigan) are worn by Olivia Pease.

"Baby inverness" raincoat is cut short to look well with long pants or Bermuda shorts (Pem Squires for Masket, $35). Anne Christian carries umbrella with Kleervu panel (Schertz, $12.50).

Weekendcoats are casual in length and fabric. Bob Barr wears a 40-inch camel's-hair coat (B. W. Harris, $60); Ray Walsh a district check British tweed balmacaan (Louis Goldsmith, $60).

Double-breasted blazers in navy flannel with brass buttons are one of fall's notable revivals. Ray Walsh wears his (Brooks Bros., $52.50) with red-striped flannel slacks (Gordon, $19.95). Pat Bridges echoes escort's look with eight-button blazer ($35), red-and-navy checked shorts ($13), oxford bow-tie shirt ($10) and little-boy cap ($2.50), all by Pem Squires for Masket.

Caps are back on heads of college men after 20 years. This fall they're in plaids (Knox, $5), checks (Knox, $3.50) and weatherproof knits (J. B. Mast, $5). Newest campus hat fad is grouse helmet (Cavanagh, $10).

Fall's own colors are reflected in lineup of Swarthmore men to left. New tweed jackets are in bold plaid (Southwick, '$65), checks (Louis Goldsmith, $45), lovat stripes (Franklin, $55), russet stripes ($40), blazer stripes (Linett, $45) and Norfolk-style jacket ($49.50) and knickers ($20, both Chester Laurie). Knickers are not the only trouser news. Odd slacks in whipcords, flannels and tweeds are in lighter tones and worn without cuffs. Reverse-calf desert boots and moccasins are biggest shoe news on the '56 campus.

Rugged sweater of unscoured white wool ($20) has classic Shaker collar. It's worn with tan whipcord tapered pants of blend of Acrilan and cotton ($13, both Glen of Michigan).