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Original Issue


3—bottom, Hy Peskin
6—drawings by Robert Riger
9—Brian Seed, Jean Talles, Fred Carew
10—Verner Reed
11—Verner Reed, Samuel Cooper
18, 20—drawings by Ajay
32—drawing by Rudolf Freund
38—left, I.N.P., A.P., J. C. (Skeets) Meadors, Bert Morgan; right, courtesy The Blood-Horse, Bob Landry, Vic Stein
39—The Blood-Horse, U.P., I.N.P., The Blood-Horse, Bert Morgan
40—top, Fons Iannelli; bottom, U.P., A.P.
41—top, 1st and 3rd, Fons Iannelli; Earl S. Clanton Ill
45—Maurice Kaplan
46—right, Alburtus-Yale News Bureau
47—N.Y. Daily News
50—Art Brawley
51—Dave Metcalfe
54, 55—Frank Lerner, Arnold Newman
56—Hy Peskin
58—right, David Cauthen (2)
59—A. B. Crank, David Cauthen (2)
62—courtesy USGA