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Limbering up his big game in bid for tennis grand slam, Lew Hoad serves in his opening match of Nationals at Forest Hills.

Returning a cross-court volley, title-minded Althea Gibson (left) scores point in first-round win over Mrs. Nell Hopman.

Displaying good form, Heather Brewer, Bermuda's answer to Gussie Moran, gets off left-handed serve at Forest Hills.

Cocking arm, Boston's raging Sammy White lets go with toss into center field, setting stage for rhubarb at Fenway Park.

Loading up? This action, by Milwaukee's fidgety Lew Burdette in Dodger game, has prompted opponents to yell "spitball."

Electronic age brings closed-circuit TV to Los Angeles Rams as a contact between grandstand scout and the bench.