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The Question: Which would you prefer for a fiancé, an athletic man or the studious type? (Asked of contestants in the Miss Universe contest)

Miss Canada
If a young man is too athletic he might not have much between the ears, and if he is too studious he might not be able to stand on his feet. I'd be more inclined to choose an athlete with some intelligence than a genius with flabby muscles. The athlete has enthusiasm and love of life.

Miss Cuba
For me, amigo, a man must have an abundance of both qualities, with the accent on athletics, but I don't want a man who can't converse intelligently. An athlete who can do college work and get fair marks has all the qualities a woman wants. I can admire a man like that.

Miss Sweden
I have friends who are athletes and others who are students. If I can't have a fiancé who is both athletic and studious, I'd like him to be on the scholastic side, even if he couldn't skate or ski. It's the mind that will hold a girl's interest all through life, not the muscles.

Miss Iceland
I like athletes. They look wonderful and they can protect you. But I'm the studious type. For me an athlete has to have a little more than big muscles. I'd prefer a man like Dag Hammarskjöld of the U.N., who has never seen a football game, to an athlete with a fair amount of brains.

Miss Italy
I rather like the man who is a good athlete. It is unusual to observe a good athlete who is not intelligent. A man isn't dumb just because he's strong. My fiancé is 24 years old, weighs 190 and has broad shoulders. He plays Rugby and rows. But he's also studying to be a doctor.

Miss Israel
The first thing I notice in a man is his personality and his manner of speech. He must be tall because I am tall, 5 feet 11 inches. Therefore, I favor the athletic type. Let me say it this way: As between Ike, a former athlete, and the brilliant Dag, I'd rather be engaged to a man like Ike.

Miss France
I want both. I could love France's great tennis player, Jean Borotra, but a younger Borotra. What is wrong with a younger Borotra? He is a great hero in France. Not many athletes are like him. So my inclination would be toward the studious man who could be a good provider.

Miss Germany
The man with a studious mind and a studious personality appeals to me more than the out-and-out athlete. But he must have an interest in sports. I couldn't like him too much if he did not participate in sports. In Germany most of us engage in sports, an important part of our life.

Miss Belgium
My ideal man is the Nordic type, very tall, very big, very strong and blond. And he must have culture because it would be impossible for me to become sentimental with a man unless he has the poise and mannerisms we associate with a man of good breeding.



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