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William F. Talbert, shown here with Hamilton Richardson (right), has long observed how effective the behavior and appearance of our traveling athletes can be in winning overseas friends for this country. As a dedicated tennis man, Bill's pet peeve has been the fact that our racket squads—unlike our Olympic athletes—have never been uniformly dressed, and he has done something about it. Working with Milliken Woolens and other suppliers, he has designed neat, lightweight clothes, practically all of wash-and-wear fabrics for easy care on long trips. Above, Talbert wears eight-ounce Attaché-cloth blazer, Rugby-cloth slacks and International Club tie; Richardson the new cardigan (instead of traditional pullover), shorts of Attaché cloth and Lacoste shirt. Busy Bill, a four-time winner (with Gardnar Mulloy) of the U.S. doubles title, has also just collaborated on a book, The Game of Doubles in Tennis (Henry Holt). It features 112 full-page diagrams of court strategy plus text by Bruce S. Old and Bill.