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On seaside and desert courses particularly, but wherever sand exists, golfers run into a shot that few of them cope with successfully. This is a short, lofted pitch from the sandy rough which must carry over a nearby embankment to reach the green. The object, obviously, is to get the ball up and over the embankment without punching it with so much forward drive that it either carries or rolls on over the green—where, of course, a nice little trap is usually lying in wait. In his consternation when he finds himself beset with this shot, the average golfer does little more than try to get the shot over with.

If the golfer will keep calm and regard this shot as a cousin of the explosion shot—which it primarily is—he will find he can deal with it without much trouble. Use your wedge, with your feet together, hands a shade forward. Take the club back a little on the outside, with the left hand in charge. Hit the sand about an inch behind the ball. Don't let the hands roll over as you go through the ball. Keep the back of the left hand pointing up toward the sky on the follow through. The ball should come up arching high and should fall without too much forward roll.

from AL ESPOSITO, Country Club of Charleston, S.C.



Play the lie in sandy rough as an explosion shot