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HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for Games of Saturday, Sept. 29

•Stanford vs. Michigan State.
Indians bigger and better this year. Spartans likewise. Stanford features passes. MSU's multiple offense combines trickery and power. Peaks and Kowalczyk the difference. MICHIGAN STATE.

•Southern California vs. Oregon State
(Sept. 28). Beavers beat Old Mizzou while Trojans took Texas. Roberts, Arnett and Co. just too much for hardworking Beavers. SOUTHERN CAL.

•Southern Methodist vs. Georgia Tech.
Green Mustangs went berserk against Notre Dame. But experience will tell in this one. GEORGIA TECH.

•Michigan vs. UCLA.
The depleted Uclans are still competent but talented Wolverines should not have too much trouble. MICHIGAN.

•Auburn vs. Tennessee.
Plainsmen and Vols meet head-on in big brawl at Birmingham. Looks even-Stephen. Tennessee slow starting but one vote for alma mater...TENNESSEE.

•Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse.
Orangemen were brilliant but bruised in Maryland win. Panthers are sharper this week. PITTSBURGH.

•Washington vs. Minnesota.
A year ago Huskies clobbered the Gophers. Both improved but I lean toward...MINNESOTA.

•Ohio State vs. Nebraska.
Pete Elliott off to flying start but Buckeyes are loaded. Spirit is there but not strength. OHIO STATE.

•Virginia vs. Duke.
Ben Martin, too, debuted successfully while Duke was stunningly upset. Blue Devils bounce back. Convincingly...DUKE.

•Oklahoma vs. North Carolina.
N.C. State caught Tatum's Tar Heels looking west. Sooners play each game as the big one. OKLAHOMA.

•Miami vs. South Carolina.
(Sept. 28). Geise's Gamecocks downed Duke. Hurricanes alerted. MIAMI.


Penn State over Pennsylvania
Maryland over Wake Forest
Texas over Tulane
Princeton over Rutgers
Illinois over California
Navy over William and Mary
Army over VMI
Texas A&M over Louisiana State
Mississippi over Kentucky
Florida over Clemson
Brown over Columbia
Colgate over Cornell
Yale over Connecticut
Arkansas over Oklahoma A&M

Last week's hunches: 18 right, 7 wrong