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1955 RECORD: Won4, lost 7, tied 1. Tied for fourth.

1956 EXHIBITIONS:Won 1, lost 5.

COACHES: Head—RayRichards. Assistants—Bob Nowaskey, Charley Trippi, Chuck Drulis, Wally Lemm,John Kellison.

WATCH FOR: 8,Lamar McHan, QB;33, Ollie Matson, HB; 44, Dave Mann, HB; 36, John Olszewski,FB; 70, Jack Jennings, T; 80, Don Stonesifer, E; 81, Dick Lane, DHB.

OFFENSE: TheCardinals, with the most explosive running back in football in Ollie Matson,the Olympic quarter-miler, and a worthy running mate in Dave Mann, who playedservice ball with Matson, have not been able to move the ball as they should.An offensive line which offered only token blocking for Matson, Olszewski andMann needs considerably more strengthening. The Cardinals also need afirst-line T quarterback; Lamar McHan, who has run Richards' team for twoyears, has not measured up. Rookie John Roach of SMU needs more experience. TheCardinal offensive ends are rangy and sure receivers, but the ball gets to themtoo seldom.

DEFENSE: TheCardinal pass defenders were as efficient as any in the league last season,stealing 29 of their opponents' 371 passes. The defensive line, wheeling around260-pound Middle Guard Tony Pasquesi, is hefty and gets promising help fromRookie Guard John Dittrich of Wisconsin. Nonetheless, Coach Richards appears tobe too lightly manned for the long, grueling run of the pro season.

1956 SCHEDULE(1955 score):

Sept.30—Cleveland (20-26)
Oct. 7—New York (28-17)
Oct. 14—at Washington (24-10)
Oct. 21—at Philadelphia (3-27)
Oct. 28—Washington (0-31)
Nov. 4—Philadelphia (24-24)
Nov. 11—at New York (0-10)
Nov. 18—at Pittsburgh (7-14)
Nov. 25—Pittsburgh (27-13)
Dec. 2—Green Bay (14-31)
Dec. 9—at Chicago Bears (53-14)
Dec. 16—at Cleveland (24-35)


1955 RECORD: Won9, lost 2, tied 1. Finished first. Playoff: Beat Rams, 38-14.

1956 EXHIBITIONS:Won 2, lost 5.

COACHES:Head—Paul Brown. Assistants—Paul Bixler, Howard Brinker, Dick Gallagher, FritzHeisler, Ed Ulinski.

WATCH FOR: 16,George Ratterman, QB; 18, Vito Parilli, QB; 26, Ray Renfro, HB; 30, MauriceBassett, FB; 32, Fred Morrison, HB; 70, Don Colo, T; 76, Lou Groza, T; 80, LenFord, E; 86, Dante Lavelli, E.

OFFENSE: TheBrowns are entering their first season without the retired Otto Graham. GeorgeRatterman, the replacement, throws accurately but is not as mobile as CoachPaul Brown likes; Vito (Babe) Parilli is back from service and when he conquershis nerves he will probably be No. 1 quarterback. Otherwise, the offense hasall the ingredients of success, with halfback speed in veteran Ray Renfro,power in Maurice Bassett, Fred Morrison and Ed Modzelewski, deceptive passreceivers like old Dante Lavelli and a line bulky enough to protect the passerand open holes. Also, don't overlook Lou Groza, football's best field goalkicker.

DEFENSE: This isthe same defense that consistently has been the best in professional football.The line is a very model of the modern major defense; the linebackers (WaltMichaels and Charlie Noll) react quickly for pass defense, plug vigorously anyholes pried in front of them, Len Ford gives strong rushing from end. Age hasnot withered nor championships staled this unit, a beautifully cohesivecombination.

1956 SCHEDULE(1955 score):

Sept. 30—atCardinals (26-20)
Oct. 6—at Pittsburgh, N (30-7)
Oct. 14—New York (24-14)
Oct. 21—at Washington (24-14)
Oct. 28—Pittsburgh (41-14)
Nov. 4—at Green Bay (41-10)
Nov. 11—Baltimore (no game)
Nov. 18—at Philadelphia (17-33)
Nov. 25—Washington (17-27)
Dec. 2—Philadelphia (21-17)
Dec. 9—at New York (35-35)
Dec. 16—Cardinals (35-24)


1955 RECORD: Won6, lost 5, tied 1. Finished third.

1956 EXHIBITIONS:Won 4, lost 2.

COACHES: Head—JimLee Howell. Assistants—Ken Kavanaugh, Vince Lombardi, Ed Kolman, TomLandry.

WATCH FOR: 16,Frank Gifford, HB; 29, Alex Webster, HB; 42, Chuck Conerly, QB; 44, Kyle Rote,HB; 45, Emlen Tunnell, DHB; 76, Roosevelt Grier, T; 81, Andy Robustelli, E; 85,Bob Schnelker, E.

OFFENSE: TheGiants move from the Polo Grounds into victory-rich Yankee Stadium this yearand may have the offense to continue the summer heroics of the Yankees. Thebacks are brilliant with elusive Alex Webster on one side, Captain Kyle Rote onthe other, and Frank Gifford to back them up. Mel Triplett fills a vacancy atfullback and is backstopped by oak-legged Arkansas Rookie Henry Moore.Offensive ends are talented and deep and have Quarterbacks Charlie Conerly,back for his ninth season, and Don Heinrich to throw to them.

DEFENSE: Softspots at defensive end and halfback may be hardened by the addition of225-pound Rookie End Jim Katcavage and the return of veteran defender Herb Richto the backfield. From tackle to tackle, the defensive line is sturdy, roughand just young enough. Howell spent a half-season in 1955 shaking down hisdefensive crew and now has them the way he wants. With no Otto Graham to plaguethem this season, the Giants may supplant the Cleveland Browns as Easternchampions.

1956 SCHEDULE(1955 score):

Sept. 30—at SanFrancisco (no game)
Oct. 7—at Chicago Cardinals (17-28)
Oct. 14—at Cleveland (14-24)
Oct. 21—Pittsburgh (17-19)
Oct. 28—Philadelphia (31-7)
Nov. 4—at Pittsburgh (23-30)
Nov. 11—Chicago Cardinals (10-0)
Nov. 18—at Washington (27-20)
Nov. 25—Chicago Bears (no game)
Dec. 2—Washington (35-7)
Dec. 9—Cleveland (35-35)
Dec. 15—at Philadelphia (17-27)


1955 RECORD: Won4, lost 7, tied 1. Tied for fourth.

1956 EXHIBITIONS:Won 2, lost 5.

COACHES:Head—Hugh Devore. Assistants—Steve Owen, Charles Grauer, Ed Doherty.

WATCH FOR: 10,Adrian Burk, QB; 11, Bobby Thomason, QB; 17, Ken Keller, HB; 24, Don Schaefer,FB; 46, Ted Wegert, HB; 53, Bob Pellegrini, LB; 60, Chuck Bednarik, LB; 81, EdBell, DHB; 86, Norman Willey, E.

OFFENSE: TheEagles chugged through the 1955 season on one cylinder—fair passing. HughDevore, in his first season as a pro coach, faces a large task in rebuildingthe aging Eagles. The running attack, once the stoutest in the league, shouldperk up with the help of Notre Dame's Don Schaefer, who gives the Eagles someof the rapid power of Steve Van Buren's day. Ted Wegert is a heady runner fromhalfback. With Dick Bielski providing the power, the improved running attackcan give new impetus to the passing of veteran Quarterbacks Bobby Thomason andAdrian Burk. Lack of good offensive tackles may hurt.

DEFENSE: Theaddition of Old Pro Steve Owen, once of the New York Giants, to the coachingstaff presages a tough Eagle defense. The 1955 edition had two of the strongestdefensive ends in the league in Tom Scott and Norm Willey, plus a big, strongline backed up by ageless and immovable Chuck Bednarik. Maryland's BobPellegrini adds depth.

1956 SCHEDULE(1955 score):

Sept. 30—at LosAngeles (21-23)
Oct. 6—Washington (30-31)
Oct. 14—at Pittsburgh (7-13)
Oct. 21—Chicago Cardinals (27-3)
Oct. 28—at New York (7-31)
Nov. 4—at Chicago Cardinals (24-24)
Nov. 11—Pittsburgh (24-0)
Nov. 18—Cleveland (33-17)
Nov. 25—San Francisco (no game)
Dec. 2—at Cleveland (17-21)
Dec. 9—at Washington (21-34)
Dec. 15—New York (27-17)


1955 RECORD: Won4, lost 8. Finished sixth.

1956 EXHIBITIONS:Won 2, lost 3.

COACHES:Head—Walter Kiesling. Assistants—Bill Dudley, Charles Cherundolo, Nick Skorich,Bill McPeak, Russ Craft.

WATCH FOR: 18,Ted Marchibroda, QB; 26, Gary Glick, DHB; 39, Sid Watson, HB 41, Lowell Perry,HB; 50, John Reger, LB 60, Dale Dodrill, G; 80, Jack Butler, DHB 81, ElbieNickel, E.

OFFENSE: JimFinks, who guided the somewhat erratic course of Steeler fortunes as aquarterback, quit last year to go to Notre Dame as an assistant. The loss maybe a blessing in disguise for the Steelers, whose small (5 feet 10) TedMarchibroda was effective during exhibitions. He throws well, runs beautifullywhen hard-pressed by charging linemen and lends welcome variety to a formerlystodgy Steeler attack. Veterans Lynn Chandnois, Lowell Perry and Sid Watsonprovide Kiesling with good running to the outside of tackle; Old Pro Fran Rogelis still sturdy enough to punch at the middle. With some relief for him, theSteeler fans can discard their recent chant, "Hi, diddle, diddle, Rogel upthe middle."

DEFENSE: TheSteeler defense is traditionally rugged and should be so. The addition of GaryGlick, bonus draft choice, to the defensive backfield plugs a leaky spot in theumbrella against air attack; Dick Murley, a rookie from Purdue, appears auseful addition to the line. Kiesling has the best balance the Steelers haveknown in a long time.

1956 SCHEDULE(1955 scores):

Sept.30—Washington (14-23)
Oct. 6—Cleveland (7-30)
Oct. 14—Philadelphia (13-7)
Oct. 21—at New York (19-17)
Oct. 28—at Cleveland (14-41)
Nov. 4—New York (30-23)
Nov. 11—at Philadelphia (0-24)
Nov. 18—Chicago Cardinals (14-7)
Nov. 25—at Chicago Cardinals (13-27)
Dec. 2—Los Angeles (26-27)
Dec. 9—at Detroit (28-31)
Dec. 16—at Washington (17-28)


1955 RECORD: Won8, lost 4. Finished in second place.

1956 EXHIBITIONS:Won 3, lost 3.

COACHES: Head—JoeKuharich. Assistants—Mike Nixon, Dick Evans, Joe Tereshinski.

WATCH FOR: 14,Eddie LeBaron, QB; 16, Al Dorow, QB; 25, Tom Runnels, HB; 28, Joe Scudero, DHB;47, Dick James, HB; 53, La Verne Torgeson, LB; 80, Gene Brito, E; 82, JohnCarson, E.

OFFENSE: TheRedskins, with the best offensive line they have had in years, should be ableto clear the way for a pair of fine rookie running backs—Tom Runnels and DickJames. Eddie LeBaron, a little man, but one of the great magicians of the T,and Al Dorow have both looked effective at quarterback, and the return ofFullback Sam Baker from service provides the Washington club with a third goodman at that position.

DEFENSE: CoachJoe Kuharich's defensive line is battle-hardened and battle-wise backed by apair of very tough linebackers in La Verne Torgeson and Chuck Drazenovich. The'Skins were hard stubborn on the ground last season, yielding just over 100yards a game to opposing runners, but the pass defense leaked badly at times. Aquartet of Joe Scudero and Norb Hecker deep with Art De Carlo and Roy Barni upclose operated well in exhibitions, and they may solve the Washingtonaerial-defense woes. The line is pegged on an all-pro defensive end, GeneBrito.

1956 SCHEDULE(1955 score):

Sept. 30—atPittsburgh (23-14)
Oct. 6—at Philadelphia (31-30)
Oct. 14—Chicago Cardinals (10-24)
Oct. 21—Cleveland (14-24)
Oct. 28—at Chicago Cardinals (31-0)
Nov. 11—Detroit (no game)
Nov. 18—New York (20-27)
Nov. 25—at Cleveland (27-17)
Dec. 2—at New York (7-35)
Dec. 9—Philadelphia (34-21)
Dec. 16—Pittsburgh (28-17)
Dec. 23—at Baltimore (14-13)