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When seven four-woman teams met at Cohasset, Mass. for the Adams Cup, emblematic of the North American women's sailing championship (raced this year in 210s), the surprise winner was the Fort Worth Boat Club crew, captained by Mrs. Glenn Lattimore, which took the cup west of the Alleghenies for the first time since the series started in 1925. Shown above are the competitors and some of the officials. Front row: Mrs. Howard Rector, Jane Mooney (Fort Worth); Mrs. Allegra Mertz (President, Women's National YRA); Nancy Waller, Linda Darby, Meredith Allen, Judie Loxley (Edgewood, R.I.); Nancy Robinson, Mrs. Anamary Brooks (Richmond YC, Calif.); Mrs. Alice Edgerton (Cleveland). Center row: Mrs. H. M. Lattimore, Diane MacFarland (Fort Worth); Mrs. Sam Wakeman, Mrs. Willis Wood (Cup trustees); Mrs. Robert Smith, Mrs. Robert Rice, Pam Fenner, Lee Simes (Westhampton Beach, N.Y.); Sharon Crowe, Mrs. Ricki Tracy (Richmond YC); Mrs. R. A. Albrecht, Mrs. Martha Williams (Cleveland). Rear row: Mrs. Betty Kolk, Mrs. Prudence Hurley, Mrs. Maude Kirby, Rosemary Curley (Seacliff YC, N.Y.); Mrs. Nancy Hutchinson, Edith Kelley, Mrs. Stuart Ferris, Mary Litchfield (Camden, Me.); Mrs. Hope Glor (Cleveland).