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Lined up and waiting patiently for the chance to display their talent at Melbourne are nine of the 10 amateur boxers who survived the bristling three-day Olympic trials at San Francisco.

Whirling over Bonneville's mountain-framed Salt Flats, a 1957 Ford is shown during 50,000-mile endurance run in which it averaged 108.16 mph and helped to set 458 speed records.

Heading for three-point landings, Midget Wrestlers Tiny Roe (left) and Little Beaver live it up at St. Nick's in N.Y.

Facing danger, Rinzi Nocero (left) absorbs right hand from Vince Martinez before losing by TKO in seventh at Providence.

Gliding over hedge, Ancestor (right) moves away from Carafar on way to 18-length Temple Gwathmey win at Belmont.