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A wedding, a birth, a royal visit are a few of the events recorded by the sports camera as it brings smiles in focus around the world

In Brisbane Ken Rosewall and bride cut cake for Ken's partner Lew Hoad (left), Davis Cup Captain Harry Hopman.

In New York the Prince and Princess of Monaco visit a boys' athletic club, giving 8-year-old Joseph Garcea a royally held target.

In St. Louis Enos (N.Y. Yankees) and Helen Slaughter enjoy a glimpse of their new daughter, held by nurse, Mrs. Dean Holland, at St. Luke's Hospital.

In Washington Thai Minister Thuaithep Devakul admires diplomatic tennis trophy he has just won.

In Minneapolis Congress Candidate George Mikan gets most famous grin.

In Hawaii, en route to Japanese exhibitions, Dodger Pee Wee Reese does an impromptu hula.

In South Bend Adlai Stevenson observes Notre Dame-Michigan State.


Princeton tiger (Student Bill Briggs in authentic tiger skin) peers over the shoulder of Lois Wideman in Palmer Stadium.

Tiger fans Ron and Floyd Wideman flank Lois at Columbia game. Football weekends feature parties and picnics (below).

Pregame buffet on station-wagon tail gate, Ivy League fixture, demonstrates that the old-fashioned raccoon coat is now back on the campus. From left are Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Foose Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moffatt and Mrs. Richard Bartholomae.

Brilliant October drew Americans outdoors from coast to coast, in a variety of moods and costumes to match the kaleidoscopic range of choice for a weekend's pleasure—and to prove, incidentally, that 'spectators' (as at Princeton, opposite) often actively Join in the fun, while "participants' (in New Mexico, below) may take time out to just sit and think

Bear hunt on a ranch near Cimarron, N. Mex., sponsored by Southwest outdoorsmen, the self-styled Nimrods, drew an enthusiastic field but bagged no bears. Resting en route on log are (left to right) Hunters Ernie Simmons, Ed Jeffers, Hobdy Gann.