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The lovely yellow light of autumn sets a pleasant, languid mood for Ivy League football. The game itself —so important in the rest of the country—is just part of the weekend frolic, and, not uncommonly, it is as rollicking and carefree as the crowd itself. As Yale—the preseason favorite among Ivy colleges—suits up for Dartmouth this Saturday, the students on the campus and their elders approaching the scene by station wagon may wonder briefly if Yale was overrated in view of last week's 14-6 loss to Colgate (see adjoining columns). Yet this thought will in no way intrude on the annual pleasures of the Dartmouth weekend, shown in the following four pages of color photographs taken last year. Steve Stark, the young man on the opposite page escorting his date, Ellin Sadowsky of Smith College, has just left a nonsensical, lighthearted bladder ball game—a traditional pre-Dartmouth game frolic. Under the elms there will be the usual picnic lunches, and during the half old friends will again gather outside portal 16 for a chat and a pull at the hip flask. No matter the outcome on the playing field, the real fun is simply in being there.

Bladder ball on Old Campus is traditional highlight of Dartmouth weekend. Members of rival Yale activities don bizarre costumes, roughhouse inconclusively with huge, six-foot, canvas-covered ball

Dry Martinis and beer in Edgewood Park are accepted Yale Bowl mood-setters for sporty station wagon set

Huge crowd forms a colorful backdrop for a spirited cheerleader and Yale bench during a tense moment

Tradition calls for old friends to meet outside Bowl's portal 16 at half time to exchange grips, cups, recollections. Here Arthur S. Laundon, class of '35, greets an old friend in typical conviviality