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For the first time in its 14-year history, the International Lawn Bowling Trophy has been won by U.S. teams, which defeated Great Britain in matches at Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. Above is the Los Angeles team. Front row, from left: Walter Robinson, retired, L.A.; Arnold Lees, businessman, Oakland; Edward Ireland, retired, L.A.; Robert Begnett, labor counselor, Long Beach; John Mitchell, businessman, Santa Barbara. Center: Team Captain Melvin Hooker, real estate broker, Redlands; Frank Murray, retired, Glendale; Nathan Waddington, machinist, and Len Schofield, engineer, Chula Vista; W. G. Hay, Honorary President, American Lawn Bowling Assn., L.A.; Chester Sheare, accountant, Riverside. Rear: Sandy Lockhart, nurseryman, Palo Alto; Alex Veitch, accountant, Oakland; Andy Anderson, store manager, Berkeley; Edward Magee, retired, and Richard Folkins, surveyor, L.A.