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College football now enters the homestretch with the type on the form chart as thoroughly pied as the most impish fan could wish. Of the original Eleven Best Elevens, Oklahoma, of course, remains unchallenged—indeed untested. After their crunching 40-0 victory over a Notre Dame team that had dared to nurse thoughts of an upset, the conclusion was inescapable: they are certainly the team of the year, if not the decade or possibly all time. Georgia Tech, too, has yet to show signs of frailty, but their worst days are still ahead, particularly against unbeaten and untied Tennessee. Elsewhere, all the mighty have fallen. Last Saturday's activities saw Illinois deliver the blow to Michigan State, which for one glorious week had enjoyed a national ranking ahead of Oklahoma. In lesser decrees the other upsets followed: Michigan at the hands of Minnesota, USC to Stanford, Mississippi to Arkansas, TCU to Miami, Yale to Colgate.