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This determined band of athletes faces possibly the toughest trial of any U.S. team at Melbourne. Superiority in field hockey has been pre-empted for decades by Europeans and Asians, most especially the Indians, who have won five straight Olympic titles. In strategy the game is a rough blend of lacrosse and soccer and makes similar demands of players in stickwork and stamina. During the two 35-minute halves of a game no substitutions are allowed, even for injuries. To help pay their way to Australia, team members raised more than $2,000 in a door-to-door campaign. From left: John Greer, White Plains, N.Y.; Kurt Orban, Smoke Rise, N.J.; Hidde Leegstra, Rye, N.Y.; Ray Wittelsberger, Baltimore; Bob Shanks, Philadelphia; Larry Marcoplos, Baltimore; Herman Van Nouhuys, New York City; Kurt Ucko, Packanack Lake, N.J.; John Rote, Greenwich, Conn.; Bill Stude, Baltimore; Hank Clifford, Morristown, N.J.; Gerry Kruize, Hartsdale, N.Y.; Felix Ucko, Cedar Grove, N.J.; Jim Jongeneel, Rye, N.Y.; Stan Harris, Mamaroneck, N.Y.; Newbold Black, Haverford, Pa.