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Original Issue


Cover—Ernst Haas-Magnum
3—bottom, John G. Zimmerman
9—drawing by Ajay
21-24—Ernst Haas-Magnum
26, 28—drawings by Ajay
29—Des Moines Sunday Register-Bob Long
30, 31—left, Herald-Sun; top, The Argus, I.N.P., Herald-Sun; bottom, I.N.P. (2)
39—Al Taylor, A.P.
40, 41—I.N.P., A.P. (3)
42—Garry Winogrand, A.P. (2), Keystone Press
47—Hy Peskin
48, 49—Orangutan from Schuco, other animals from Steiff
62—Marvin Newman
72—Elsie Darbee
74, 76—silhouettes by Arthur Singer
82—London Daily Express