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Hockey free-for-all finds gloves and sticks strewn on the ice as everyone but the goalies and Referee Ed Powers (No. 10) squares off in a brawl set off by Montreal's Jean Beliveau and New York's Lou Fontinato (left) at Madison Square Garden game.

Barreling goalward, Syracuse's Jim Brown, who scored 43 points, heads for his sixth touchdown in 61-7 rout of Colgate.

Bolo punching Kid Gavilan (right) calls on his oldtime skill to punch out 10-round win over Chico Vejar at Los Angeles.

Royal welcome with full red carpet treatment greets Florida-bred Needles on Miami arrival for winter racing season.

Flying high, agile goalie soars into air to block shot and help Olympiakos team beat Piraeus 3-1 in Greek soccer match.