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The commendable impulse to share good fortune and at the same time take part in wild life conservation motivated Wilkie last year when he bought 430 acres of beautiful hilly land in the Lake Geneva district of Wisconsin as a recreation area for his company's 2,000 employees. Wilkie is chairman of the DoAll Company, which manufactures machine tools, cutting tools and gauges and has its home office in Des Plaines, 111. A native of Minnesota and graduate of the state university, Wilkie's interest in hunting and fishing stems from his boyhood, and he is no mean shot. On African safari with his son in 1950 he bagged an agglomeration of big game ranging from an oryx to a rhino.

Thunderbird Recreation Area (the name of the new hunting preserve) is located just 60 miles from Chicago. Admission is by permit only, and all the huntsmen must conform to rigid regulations which are administered by a resident manager. Thunderbird is licensed by the state of Wisconsin as a shooting preserve, a game bird and animal farm and a private fish hatchery. Happy hunters can shoot quail, wild turkey, chukar partridge and waterfowl in specially designated areas or can fish trout and bass from the lakes. Says Wilkie, an earnest man of 50: "There are few places where people can go and find hunting and fishing in the wilds. We have provided them with ideal, controlled conditions. They like it and enjoy it every day. It has worked out beautifully, a complete success."