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Ski equipment for 1957 features quick-closing snaps for boots and bindings as well as some new ideas for blending metal, wood and plastic to produce an assortment of strong, lively downhill skis

New snap links on Henke Speedfit can be clamped down in a matter of seconds, provide leverage to assure tight fit needed for absolute control of skis. Speedy operation of snaps allows skier to loosen boots easily during short rests on slopes or at warming hut. Absence of water-absorbent cloth laces helps keep boot dry during melting temperatures in spring. Boot was one of most popular models sold in Europe last year. Price: $52.50.

Side lacing keeps direct pressure off ridge of foot, allows boot to be tightened down hard without discomfort to skier. S-laced across a flat surface, boot is more easily tightened than models with across-the-foot lacings. Thick leather collar adds support to the ankle, gives wearer increased lateral control over skis. Price: $59.50.

Long heel lacings like those used by crack European racers give boot snug fit above and below ankles. Nylon lacing slips easily through flat, hinged eyelets, can be tightened from top to bottom with a single pull on upper laces. Price: $55.

Aluflex, Fischer skis for youngsters are built lighter than adult models. Inexpensive Fischer Quick (left, $22.50) is laminated, has steel edges and a full plastic bottom. Flexible Aluflex Kinder-Ski ($47.50) is made entirely of aluminum.

Nelson Edge for experts (above) is a continuous strip of steel, mounts at a 20° angle, exposes only the cutting edge, keeps drag at a minimum. Price: $20 installed.

Tavi Tru-Trak Anyflex ($100) has adjustable wire running through both sides of ski. By turning screw at end of wire, racer can adjust stiffness to suit snow conditions. Easily replaced one-piece edges fasten by screws set in from top.

Hart, Dynaglas recreational skis were designed for long wear. In Hart metal (left, $69.50), single sheet of spring steel runs across bottom, juts out to form tough edges. In Dynaglas ($75 to $80), fiber glass sheath surrounds core.

Belleayre ski rack (left) has small locking crank at end of lower section for tightening steel straps onto the rain gutters of car. Price: $16.95.

Anderson & Thompson Safety Flex heel binding (above) gives safety factor of fixed release without keeping heel clamped flat to ski. Tension can be adjusted by turning wing nut to provide lift favored by some skiers: $12.95.

Tavi Automatic release allows skier to get into and out of binding without stooping. To close, skier sets boot in binding, uses ski pole to push down disk in front of toe. To open, he pushes pole into oval fitting in front of disk. Price: $13.95.

Anderson & Thompson Racer release is first safety binding designed for long thong favored by competition skiers. Swivel action of heel plate allows foot to swing to either side when boot jumps out of safety toe piece. Price: $15.95.

Ski-port trunk rack is perfect for convertibles, gets away from old design convertible racks that fitted against the side, kept one door clamped shut until car reached ski area. Average car has plenty of width to protect skis. Price: $15.95.