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Whether they are already swinging down broad and snowy slopes such as those of Canada's Mont Tremblant (see above) or checking what's new in lifts, fashions and equipment, skiers all over are heading for an exciting season. For more color photos, plus a complete report on what's new around the country, see following pages

ROOFTOP RENDEZVOUS beneath wintry beauty of snow-crusted tree is kept by Laurentian skiers atop warming hut at summit of 3,150-foot Mont Tremblant.

OUTDOOR BENEDICTION, in which Father Charles Hector Deslauriers (above) blesses skis of youngsters at Mt. Tremblant, precedes the slalom and downhill competition sponsored by lodge.

HERRINGBONE STEP is used by racers (below) to climb gentle Chalet Slope on south face of Mt. Tremblant. Youngsters will run through flag-marked course for prizes awarded in age groups.

SUSPENSION CHAIR LIFT carries skiers a mile up mountain, swinging passengers as high as 30 feet off ground. Riders switch to one-mile T bar to continue trip to top.