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Thanks to Cecil Rhodes and the scholarships he founded, this blond six-footer, currently ranked No. 1 among U.S. tennis players, is a student at Oxford, where he lends his court talents to the cause of the Dark Blue in British collegiate rivalries. In familiar costume (right) he passes before the approving eyes of his "scout" (in apron) as he makes his way past an ancient campus building.

A Phi Beta Kappa from Tulane, Ham Richardson wears his required robe to lectures at Trinity College, one of Oxford's 29 colleges. The inevitable bicycles are racked up in the quad.

Richardson's subjects—politics, philosophy and economics—require long hours of independent reading and informal discussion with fellow classmen (below). Ham plans a business career.

Married last July to a New Orleans girl, Richardson was not able to go to Australia for the Davis Cup matches. His next chance to play international tennis is at Copenhagen this month.