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Nearly any instant of action frozen by a camera might have sufficed to show the immense superiority of the New York Giants as they won the world professional football championship from the Chicago Bears in their playoff at Yankee Stadium last Sunday. Yet no one moment during the Giants' overwhelming 47-7 victory could more clearly illustrate their complete mastery of this game than the one above in which End Kyle Rote (44) gathers in a Chuck Conerly pass in lonely triumph, framed by the Chicago Bear goal posts. Conerly (42, far left) still has ample time to assist the touchdown play with some body English as he follows the flight of the ball behind the impenetrable blocking of the magnificent Giant line. Rote, who may be the finest faker in pro football, has rid himself of all the Bear defenders, and the Conerly pass—as was usual on this frigid, 18° afternoon—is right where it should be. The stands in the background are packed with a crowd of 56,836 fans, bundled up against the cold but warmed out of their usual big-city sophistication by an afternoon of great football by the home team. For this was a day of excitement and vindication—a sporting thrill to match the drama of the perfect game Don Larsen pitched against the Brooklyn Dodgers on the same field only a few months ago. For a report on this memorable game, turn to page 50