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The classic look of spectator sports clothes reappears in modern fabrics which add 1957's ease of upkeep to the 1930s look of the few lucky rich

In the 1930s, some people didn't have any money at all, but those who did offset Depression doldrums with Chanel-inspired sports clothes. Referred to as the Newport Look, this 1957 version will revive memories of the days when Fred Perry (lower left) was champion at Wimbledon; when Golfer Sam Snead (upper right) was making a spectacular rise on the tournament circuit; and when such charming spectators as Bette Davis were peering out from under floppy brims of oversized hats. Photographed at Boca Raton and Delray Beach, the clothes on these pages constitute a review-preview of the new '30s look in fashion.

Flannels and Pleats, both white, are worn by Mr. and Mrs. Persifor Fraser IV at the Seagate Beach Club. The slacks are made of all-wool flannel (Daks, $35). Mrs. Fraser's dress is of Arnel sharkskin and its giant-houndstooth-check jacket the same (Don Brooks for Darbury, $55). His shoes are Johnston & Murphy; hers, Pappagallo.

White Shetland jacket (Norman Hilton, $70), white pleats (B. H. Wragge, $49) are worn by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perry (left) at Boca Raton Club's Polo Lounge.

White Alpaca sweater (David Church, $37.50) is worn with his distinctive coconut straw hat and his own brand of knitted sport shirt by Golf Pro Sam Snead outside his new shop at the Boca Raton Club, where he started his pro duties this season.

Shirtwaist spectator (Don Brooks for Darbury, $40) is teamed with '30s-type white straw fedora (Adolfo for Emme, $55) by Mrs. John Duke. White river-pearl bracelet and earrings match chalk white of new synthetic fabrics, are from Richelieu.

Polo white shirt dress of Arnel flannel (Haymaker, $23) is spectator garb for Jane Geary at Boca Raton Club's new polo field, where hopefuls such as 10-year-old Glenn Allen (on Shetland pony) play pony polo between chukkers of regular games.