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America's newlyappointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James's, "Jock" Whitney, hasachieved a happy balance of the responsibilities of great inherited wealth,public service and a natural inclination to active sports. Grandson of JohnHay, secretary to Lincoln and Secretary of State under Presidents McKinley andRoosevelt, and of William Collins Whitney, Secretary of the Navy underPresident Cleveland, Jock has invested his heritage with courage andimagination, providing fellowships in education and science and investments inworthy business ventures. A co-owner with his sister, Mrs. Charles S. Payson,of the famous racing Greentree Farm, he was once a six-goal man ininternational polo. In prep school he played baseball, football, and boxed. AtYale he stroked the junior varsity crew. His current sports are court tennis,which he plays on his own court, and golf, which he shoots in the high 70s.