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Colorado's reigning Orange Bowl kings had good reason to flash three of the season's most CinemaScopic grins (below) after defeating Clemson 27-21 at Miami. And the Clemson players, too, were anything but glum. For one thing, they had their share of dances and all-round socializing with the Orange Bowl queen and her princesses. For another, they swarmed back with three touchdowns after trailing 0-20 at halftime and were headed for a fourth when a God-help-me pass was intercepted. Colorado, led by its fullback, John (The Beast) Bayuk, had scored three times within five minutes in the second period to build up its lead. It was then that Clemson Coach Frank Howard took a firm bite from his cut plug and, in the grand old locker room tradition, chewed out his squad. "I told them," Howard said, "that I was going to resign my job and leave Clemson right after the ball game if they didn't do better in the second half, that I'd be damned if I'd mess around with the kind of players they'd been." The brimstone rhetoric apparently had its effect. Yet another reason for Clemson smiles: Coach Howard still has his job.

Orange bowl queen Adelaide Gonzales dances with ham-handed Colorado Place-kicker Ellwin Indorf at Miami Beach's Indian Creek Country Club in post-bowl party.

Victory smiles are flashed over orange-laden trophy by Ends Jerry Leahy and Wally Merz, Tackle Dick Stapp.

Consolation grin of Clemson's Joe Pilot, seated with Princess Charlotte Porter, shows you can't underestimate a woman's power.