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Some of the world's best-housed cats were recently on view at New York's Empire Cat Club Show, the summit of feline contests. Here cat-fancying women and a surprisingly large number of men (below) presented 256 cats for judgment and in the interim did their best to make their entries feel at home. But despite the concentrated efforts by the male owners it was again the ladies' day at the cat show as Mrs. Arvid Ohiin's blue long hair (a female) emerged top cat

Homey atmosphere complete with a painted mouse hole is setting for tortie.

Canopied four-poster shelters orange-eyed Shiraz Katie Bon Bon between judging sessions. Cat is one of seven owned by Bonnie and Guy Slover, who believe that cages should reflect owners' affection.

Robert Green bides time with entry Ayme-Tu-Wynn before black female class.

Walter Roose eases through crowd with his seal point Siamese after judging.

John Machoka proudly holds Ch. Ru-Ling Rollo up for an admiring pat after win.

Floral elegance frames sophisticated Siamese named Bittersweet William as he studies onlookers from cage. He was a blue-ribbon-winning neuter.

Donald Williams, protected from flying hair by apron, grooms his blue-eyed female. Many cats dislike brushing, prefer to clean themselves.

Baggy simplicity satisfies bashful Burmese, Casa Gatos Vanya of Darshan, who peeks at crowd.

Mrs. Arvid Ohlin, triumphant for a second year, holds best-in-show, Ch. Wimauma Rosita of Allington.