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Frenchy Bordagaray, the colorful Dodger out-fielder, once stood with his foot on second base. Suddenly the shortstop tagged him, and the umpire called him out. Back on the bench an incredulous manager demanded an explanation. "I don't know," said Frenchy. "I was tapping the bag with my foot. He must have got me between taps."

Sometimes, like Frenchy, when our readers catch us off base, we can't explain how it happened. And much as we like to hear from readers, this is one kind of correspondence SPORTS ILLUSTRATED would just as soon reduce to zero.

Fortunately the mail which sets us to rights is generally less painful than it could be because it's written with a twinkle in the eye. Last month, for instance, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED was moving mountains. A lot of people told us so, too. One was Mr. Howard W. Haynes.

"In SNOW PATROL in your Jan. 7 issue you moved Mt. Hood, which is in Oregon, to California."

"This is the first time that Mt. Hood has been moved to California. Usually it is moved to Washington, and Crater Lake is moved to California.

"Who got the contract to move Mt. Hood?"

Mr. Haynes lives in Milwaukie, and he must have a lot of experience in these matters. (Note to copy desk and researchers: Milwaukie is in Oregon. There's another town spelled similarly, but better known for Braves and beer.)

Of all errors, the one that hurts SPORTS ILLUSTRATED most is to misspell a personal name. The distinguished sailor on our cover this week spells his name Schaddelee, and so does SPORTS ILLUSTRATED—in our preview of the Miami-Nassau race (page 54) and in our story last March 26 when Hugh Schaddelee was second in over-all points for last season's Southern Ocean Racing. But on our cover it's different. It's simplified, and quite wrong: Shadelee.

Covers must be printed ahead of time, on special presses. When our dismayed editors discovered this mistake one in the grand manner, it was too late. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED hopes Mr. Schaddelee will forgive us.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will never forgive and will continue to wage relentless war against those responsible. It's the same group that got the contract to move Mt. Hood.