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Many snowy slopes west of and several thousand feet higher than the Vermont hill on the opposite page is California's Squaw Valley. Only a six-to seven-hour drive from San Francisco and site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley is perhaps the most talked-about ski area in the U.S. It is already attracting a big following among western skiers. San Franciscans, famous for their cosmopolitan style in city clothes, are setting the tone for the new resort in sports clothes gathered from the ski centers of the world. A group of West Coast skiers photographed last week characterize California chic: tight, elasticized ski pants (Germany) and a collector's pride of ski sweaters (from Italy, Denmark, California).

Striped Danish ski cardigan (Meggi of Denmark) is worn by Savina McCloud of Squaw Valley on radiant-heated sundeck of lodge.

Italian alpaca sweater is a favorite of Justine Cushing, wife of Resort Head Alex Cushing. Ski pants match color of the sweater.

California cardigan (Towne & King) of black and gray cashmere belongs to Al Peace of San Francisco.

Pink danish pullover (also Meggi) is worn by Savina McCloud, shown with husband Norman, wearing sweater with turtle-neck dickey.