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Striding across finish line, Olympic Champion Tom Courtney completes record-tying 600-yard run in 1:09.5 at Boston.

Meandering powerboat (center) gets mixed up in Lipton Cup race, won by Fred Guggenheimer's Mogu, off Miami Beach.

Charging Middleweight Champion Gene Fullmer lashes out at Wilf Greaves in a nontitle 10-rounder at Salt Lake City.

Kicking up heels, frisky War Paint, a 9-year-old pinto, shows Chuck Sheppard why he has been selected as best bucking horse of 1956 by the rodeo circuit's top 10 saddle-bronc busters.

Heading for trouble, Repeat Performer leaps over the rail as Rider Charles Smith tries to dismount and jittery spectator (left) holds out a restraining hand at horse show in Miami.