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Original Issue


This behatted man is Photographer Jerry Cooke, a prolific contributor to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, who in this issue gets credit not only for our cover but also for the Cruft's Dog Show and the SPORTING LOOK.

As an adjunct to taking pictures, Cooke collects sports hats. The method is simple. When he goes on assignments he doesn't wear one. He just makes it a point, whenever he can, to buy one on the scene.

Cooke first spotted the grouse helmet on the right atop the Reverend W.J.L.R. Haywood of North Devon, an interested spectator at the Cruft's Show in London. The classic pith model on the left was the logical solution to the sun at Florida's Africa, U.S.A., where he shot this week's SPORTING LOOK on batik. (Cooke left his assignment with cover dog Ch. Barrage, however, as hatless as he came. Barrage posed indoors.)

One of the last times Cooke bought a hat before leaving on assignment was in 1945 when he went to photograph an eclipse at the North Pole, a poor place for shopping. You can see the polar model below in the picture of part of Cooke's collection. But since then most of the places he's been to have offered better facilities for him to work his version of "the hat trick."

If there's any moral, it must be one already familiar to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and its readers. Part of the fun of sports is the clothes that go with them—just as part of the fun of sports photography for Jerry Cooke is the hats he comes back with.