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They may be small, but many new models are true working replicas of the original McCoy

Well-built miniatures have always had a fascination for automobile and boating fans. Now England and West Germany are contributing to a fast-growing collection of automobiles that run on batteries, of scale-model Grand Prix and sports cars, of outboard motors that will actually propel scale-model boats. One of the latest to come from England is the D Jaguar kit ($1.95, R. Gordon & Co., 32 E. 59th St., New York 22). It is of heavy plastic in British racing green, measures 6½ inches and is to exact scale. It's a cinch to build—only takes about an hour and a half. Gordon's also has an XK 120 Jaguar, spring-motor driven and German built (Prameta), which has four forward gears and reverse and, most fascinating of all, a steering mechanism which gives it irregular and unpredictable automatic steering. The model is of a rustproof metal alloy ($6). The other miniatures illustrated here are typical of the many available: to authentic scale, precisioned—and most of them really work.

When assembled from its kit, this clear-plastic, German-made motor operates by crank handle, with all parts moving and sparkplugs firing in order. The clutch and gearshift work ($24.50, Chabon Scientific Co., 411 Lincoln Bldg., New York 17).

This three-inch Ferrari operates on clock-spring motor, and its steering is adjusted by the "exhaust" screw. Rubber tip keeps it from marring furniture when it gets up to 20 mph ($2.95, by Schuco, Prince Enterprises, 103 Park Ave., New York 17).

This nine-inch MG TF is a sturdy plastic model made in Guildford, England. It's flashlight-battery driven, and its steering is adjusted by wheel; spare tire is forward and reverse switch ($9.95, Model Craft Hobbies. 314 Fifth Ave., New York 1).

This is one of smallest operating outboard motors made. It's in scale and will power a model boat when operated on anything from a three-to nine-volt battery. It's 4½ inches high, runs 1,850 rpm ($3.95, Lincoln Products, 49 E. 41 St., New York 17).