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Elevation 1,700 to 4,237 feet; average snow depth 4 to 6 feet; average yearly snowfall 12 feet; skiers last year 20,000; season Dec. 15-April 30

For New Englanders who find the established ski centers a bit too busy on weekends, Sugarloaf Mountain, 17 miles out of Kingfield, Maine, provides a fine, uncrowded ski weekend. Just two years old, the 6,350-foot tandem T bars reach the Sugar-loaf snow fields, a timber-free area to which skiers have been climbing for years for alpine-type skiing. From the top T bar, the three-mile Tote Road carries intermediates down 1,900 vertical feet to the warming hut and cafeteria. For the good skier, Sluice and Narrow Gauge drop away fast and steep to the halfway station on the T bar (right) where they run out more gently to the mountain base. Tips: from Boston, it's 215 miles, 130 of them along throughways. There are some good buys in lodging available: Deer Farm Camps on the road to Kingfield offers large cabins for $8 with two meals; Herbert Hotel in Kingfield, $5, without meals; Sugarloaf Inn on the road to Kingfield (dormitory style), $6, two meals; Arnold Trail Inn at Stratton, $5, two meals. Full rental equipment and well-stocked ski store on hand. The ski school is headed by Bill Briggs.


Nothing is as changeable as the weather, so be sure to telephone resorts for latest reports

TD—top slopes, depth in inches; BD—bottom slopes, depth in inches; CR—ski crowd last weekend; SN—inches of snowfall last weekend


Sugarloaf, Maine: Fast skiing on lower half of mountain, upper lift closed. Bright Norwegian sweaters setting new trend here. Ski school teaching Wedeln. TD 20-22, BD 6, CR 1,200, SN 8.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Best skiing of the season here, with powder snow the rule. TD 35, BD 30, CR 3,000, SN 4.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Skiing very good on Sissy and Ryan's Run after weekend snow. Quebec Kandahar here March 2-3. TD 9-36, BD 4-26.

Mt. Jasper, Que.: Skiing good to excellent on Alouette and Castor. Heavy Indian cardigans popular, TD 27, BD 13, CR 600, SN 5.

Stowe, Vt.: Lord Trail good, Sterling excellent. New snow opened Liftline and lower National. TD 16-24, BD 5-15, CR 1,600, SN 4-5.

Pico Peak, Vt.: Survey of 97 skiers here found 43 with safety bindings. The old Sun Valley short-visor cap has disappeared in favor of knit caps or headbands. BD 0-10, TD 0-10. CR 700.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Only Canyon and Lodge trails open, plus Mixing Bowl. New beginners' double chair in operation. TD 20-30, BD 10-20, CR 2,500, SN 4.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Skiing good. Ski instructors wearing new type tension boot laces made by W. & R. Fromm Elastic Braid Co.

Mt. Cranmore, N.H.: Six inches of snow opened all slopes. TD 5-15, BD 5-14, CR 5,500.

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Upper and middle T bars closed though new snow made skiing better.


Terry Peak, S. Dak.: No new snow, but cold temperatures kept base from deteriorating. Conditions good. TD 36-40, BD 36-45, CR 1,000, SN 0.

Mt. Telemark, Wis.: Skiing good. TD 5, BD 13, CR 1,200, SN 2.

Rib Mt., Wis.: Birch Run popular. Open slopes provided best skiing. Wausau High School took team honors in State Prep downhill and slalom meet. TD 4-5, BD 4-5, CR 600, SN 1.


Sun Valley, Idaho: All runs open, with powder or packed powder skiing. Alpaca sweaters with full zipper showing up. Baldy 41, Roundhouse 38, Valley 25, SN 6.

Aspen, Colo.: Thaw and freeze left trails hard packed. Blizzard skis becoming more popular. TD 74, BD 33, Dipsy Doodle 45-74.

Alta, Utah: Skiing excellent with some wind crust. 80% wearing safety bindings here; 40% Ski Free and 25% Cubco.

Taos, N. Mex.: Skiing excellent. Sno-Cat not being used on high slopes because of avalanche danger. Skiers using Silveretta toe plate in combination with Tyrolia front throw. TD 90-95, SN 0, CR 280.

Santa Fe, N. Mex.: Biggest crowds in history during week. TD 18-48, BD 6-36.

Big Mountain, Mont.: Heaviest snowfall of the season made brush running and open-slope touring especially choice. TD 66-70, SN 38.


Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.: Snow and hail over weekend, but skiing good. TD 85, BD 70, CR 3,000, SN 5-10.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: Deep powder on Pan Face and Heather Trail. New Razorhone Canyon racecourse great success. Style is cashmere turtle-neck dickies under bulky avalanche sweaters. TD 131. BD 160.

White Pass, Wash.: PNSA Juniors here March 2-3. TD 78, BD 65. CR 1,350, SN 3.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: At Timberline, skiing good. TD 135, BD 118, SN 36. Clear sunny weather with best skiing of year at Govt. Camp. TD 61, BD 52, CR 4,000, SN 28.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Heavy snow packed down to give best skiing of year. TD 115.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: All runs open and excellent. TD 108, BD 72, SN 12, CR 2,200.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Skiing good on all trails. Reservations at lodge full for the coming week. TD 100, BD 48, SN 12.

Mammoth Mt., Calif.: Packed powder, skiing excellent. TD 90, BD 76, CR 900, SN 22.

Mt. Shasta, Calif.: Excellent. Six inches of powder. TD 38, CR 600.

Mt. Lassen, Calif.: Excellent. No ice. Intercollegiate meet here Feb. 23-24.

Heavenly Valley, Calif.: Skiing improving with every snow. TD 40, BD 32, CR 2,500.

Yosemite, Calif.: All runs open and good, all tows operating. Ostrander Lake ski hut opened for season. TD 48, BD 48, CR 5,600, SN 3.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Rain washed area out except for beginners' T bar. Need six-inch snowfall to operate. TD 0-12, CR 2,400, SN 0.