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Virginia Evans, pert Mt. Holyoke sophomore from Summit, N.J., reigned as queen of Dartmouth Winter Carnival, won by host team when Olympians Ralph Miller and Chiharu Igaya dominated downhill and slalom events.

Reggie Pearman, who won his first national title 10 years ago and, at 32, one of track's "old men," resurrected once-tremendous finishing sprint to surprise Charlie Jenkins, ran off with Sheppard 600 in 1:11 at Millrose Games.

Sharon Fladoos, 13-year-old eighth grader from Dubuque, lifted many an eyebrow when she upset Joanne Goodwin before being eliminated in Palm Beach tournament won by Barbara Romack, who beat Mrs. Alice Dye 4 and 3.

Florindo (Porky) Vieira, stumpy 5-foot 6-inch Quinnipiac College sharpshooter, bombarded Brooklyn Poly with 68 points, added 38 against Paterson Teachers, boosting 13-game average to 35.4 to lead nation's small-college scorers.