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Some derring-do on the high seas from this salty crew of the 37-foot yawl Spray marks Owner William S. Piper, a Miami doctor, and his sailing mates as men of action and determination. Refusing to quit when their mizzenmast snapped in a freak collision one minute after the starting gun of the 19th annual Miami-Nassau race, they patched up fore and aft stays, made other emergency repairs under way and took off 40 minutes later into the wind for the 184-mile beat down to the Bahamas. Spray, flying the pennant of the Coral Gables Yacht Club, finished 19th in the fleet of 23 on corrected time and seventh in Class C. At their berth in Nassau the crew posed (clockwise from left): Timothy J. Sullivan of Miami, public relations director of Florida Power and Light Co.; W. Scott Piper, skipper's son, student at Coral Gables High School; Alex Carlin, automobile accessory manufacturer of Higgins Lake, Mich.; Dr. Piper; Edwin Mairs of Miami, marine architect; and (center) Marshall Scott, Miami attorney.