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SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes).
C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.
N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH-very high; L—low; R—rising; F—falling.
WT50—water temperature 50°.
FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor; OVG—outlook very good; OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OP—outlook poor

STEELHEAD: WASHINGTON: OVG for expected March run in 56 still-open streams, with special attention due the Wynooche, Hump-tulips, Toutle, Puyallup, Cowlitz and Skagit. Rains have been heavy but most water now N.

IDAHO: High water on Snake River washed out fish trap at Brownlee Dam, short-circuiting hopes of netting migrating fish below dam and shipping them upstream via tanker trucks. Local agent reports steelheaders miffed at power company but are hopeful that sad situation will be rectified. Meanwhile, FG on most streams, especially at Riggin's on Main Salmon where fish to 16 pounds are being beached.

OREGON: Most waters now out of treetops, and OG in Santiam, Sand, Clackamas and Abiqua as fresh run fish move upstream. Most effective lures still cherry bobbers, Oakie Drifters and red and white Daredevles.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Thaw last week turned many streams H and R, but current conditions suggest OVG now. Little Qualicum, Toslum, Oyster and Quinsam all begging for anglers.

BONEFISH: FLORIDA: Guides throughout upper Keys report FVG, with a succession of substantial anglers boating a succession of substantial fish. Key Largo Guide Calvin Albury advises that H. W. Stone, president of the York-Hoover Corporation of York, Pa., netted 10½-pound boner on 8-pound spinning tackle in 15 minutes and later released three others from 8½ to 9¾ pounds. Fishing with same guide, Craig Sheaffer of fountain pen fame from Fort Madison, Iowa subdued a 9-pound bonefish in 20 minutes.

NASSAU: Bahamian snooper hysterical over invasion of ponderous 10-and 11-pound bonefish. Top trophy last week fell to Jerry Blank of New York, who thrashed a 14-pound one-ounce boner to set a new Bahamas tournament record. OVG.

TROUT: NEVADA: After somnolent spell due to cold, Walker Lake awakened to yield remarkable three-angler catch of 70 pounds. Trolling large green Flatfish off Pelican Point in 20 to 30 feet of water, Burt Baldwin and David Weisz of Covina, Calif. and Joe Toland of Arcadia connected with a series of cutthroats ranging from 7 to 14½ pounds; OVG.

MISSOURI: SO March 1, and FG, especially at Indian Creek, where six-fish limits are averaging 2½ to 3 pounds per trout; OG.

STRIPED BASS: SOUTH CAROLINA: Spawning run from Santee-Cooper now reaching Wateree and Congaree rivers. Small bucks in profusion, but Wateree-Congaree junction awarding occasional large roe fish. Cut shad fished on bottom most alluring preparation. OVG generally as other runs move up Cooper River.

NEW JERSEY: SO in Jersey waters last week, with Robin's Reef about 2½ miles off the Statue of Liberty and Island Beach surf giving up first school stripers of the season, ranging from 5 to 9 pounds. Bloodworms only producers so far.

CALIFORNIA: FP/F thanks to heavy storms last week, but Charles Gehring, 13, of Berkeley managed to horse a 38-pounder from Montezuma Slough. Intrepid forecasters say OG.