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Dave Jenkins, 20-year-old brother of retired four-time champion Hayes Alan, built up big lead in compulsory figures, put on spectacular and artistic display in free skating to win world figure skating title at Colorado Springs, Colo.

Don McPhee, husky Deerfield Academy junior, is fast becoming one of the nation's top schoolboy freestyle swimmers. He has set U.S. prep school records of 50.4 for 100 yards in 20-yard pool, 50.8 for same distance in 25-yard pool.

Tom Corcoran, Harvard business student, trailed Toni Sailer in giant slalom and downhill but won slalom and Pfeifer Trophy for best over-all performance in U.S. championships at Aspen. Women's winner: Madi Springer-Miller.

Jerry Hiersche, 17-year-old Portland skin-diver, dipped into 800-gallon tank at Oregonian Boat Show, groggily emerged 25:11.30 later with new world underwater endurance record, went home to take a bath and 18-hour snooze.