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Northrup Knox, 28, displayed uncanny skill in aiming heavy wool and twine ball, relentlessly wore down 42-year-old Alistair Martin 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 at Boston to end his rival's seven-year reign as the national court tennis champion.

Sandra Morgan, 14, latest of Australia's many water sprites, upset Olympic double gold-medal winner Lorraine Crapp in 200-meter freestyle in 2:25.2 for new Aussie junior record at Melbourne, happily crowed: "I did it on oysters."

Adrian McManus, 60-year-old golfer from Fresno, Calif. and father of three golfing sons, shot 83-75-158 to win Trans-Mississippi seniors championship at Las Vegas for second time, issued challenge to any amateur foursome in world.

Shirley Majors, best known as father of Johnny, Tennessee's All-America tailback, but also highly regarded as successful coach at Huntland H.S., where his teams had 70-1-1 record in seven years, has been named head coach at Sewanee.