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The Hungarian and Rumanian Olympic athletes and coaches who recently completed their Freedom Tour have asked me to express their appreciation to everyone who contributed to its success. Credit must really go to the entire country, and I think nothing says this better than a list, which, unfortunately, must be only partial, of the individuals, groups, clubs and firms who gave the tour their time, effort, services and financial support.

William Cost, Winter Park, Fla.
Ocean Pool & Supply Co., New York
Lou Shaff, Amer. Fencers League, New York
Daniel J. Ferris, Natl. AAU, New York
Joe Madden, West Hempstead H.S., N.Y.
Stan Sieja, Princeton University
Donald S. Thompson, Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland
Greyhound Corporation
Ed Sullivan, New York
Dr. Walter Langford, Notre Dame University
Richard W. Yasenchak, Chicago
Lt. Col. James Jackson, Air Force Academy
George Lee, Dallas Athletic Club
Mabel Morse, Amer. Fencers League, Houston
Toots Shor, New York
Loyola University, Chicago
John Wanamaker's, Philadelohia
Robert Goehrs, Gulf Assn. AAU, Houston
Charles Callahan, Phoenix
First Aid for Hungary, New York
Robert Kiphuth, Yale University
Dr. Hal Henning, Central Assn. AAU, Chicago United Hias
Matt Mann, University of Oklahoma
Robert Langford, Del Prado Hotel, Chicago
Langford Hotel, Winter Park, Fla.
Cadillac Motor Car Co.
Bill Ross, Los Angeles
Ted Gathany, Ohio Wesleyan University
Col. Francis McGoldrick, Fort Bliss, Texas
Roger Burton, YMCA, Tulsa
Church World Service
Donald G. Thompson, Chicago
Stan Saplin, New York University
Eugene Murphy, Las Vegas, Nev.
Jack Kelly Jr., Philadelphia
Scott Whitelaw, MIT
Ed Cummings, Natl. Catholic Welfare Council
Wilson Sporting Goods Co., New York
Hugo Castello, New York
Howard Bailey, Washington Star Games
Edmond Zeisig, Milwaukee
Louis Cox, YMCA, Dayton, Ohio
Phillippe Clavier, Amer. Fencers League, Chicago
Kieth Mather, Oklahoma City
Art Adamson, Texas A & M
Massachusetts Knights of Columbus, Boston
Dwight Hamborsky, Detroit
Walter Brown, president, Boston Garden
Frank Berkman, Henry Hudson Hotel, New York
G. W. Way, Hughes-Keenan Corp., Delaware, Ohio
Naperville (III.) Youth Center
Bellerive Hotel, Kansas City
Arthur Youngberg, Chicago Daily News Relays
Mike Peppe, Ohio State University
John S. Nagy, Cleveland
Fred Linkmeyer, Amer. Fencers League, Los Angeles
Fred Harrison, Phillips Andover Academy, Andover, Mass.
Naperville College, Naperville, III.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce
Jack McCurdy, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.
Sam Greller, Chicago
Northwestern University
Bart Broderick, Amer. Fencers League, New York
Cleveland Knights of Columbus
Dorothy A. Brown, Princeton University
Kansas City Turners
Gordon Williams of Countess Mara, New York
Frank Moorman and the NYAC Water Polo Team
Jose de Capriles, Amer. Fencers League, New York
Illinois Athletic Club, Chicago
Jerry Zinser, Knox College, Galesburg, 111.
Northern High School, Flint, Mich.
K & K Sporting Goods, Newark, N.J.
Dr. George Telegdy, New York
Steve Horbath, Dennison Co., Boston
Pan American Airlines
Robert Strimer, Ohio Wesleyan University
Ed Rosenblum, Washington, D.C.
Byron Krieger, Detroit
New York Athletic Club
Mike Detzer, Amer. Fencers League, Chicago Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev.
Berkshire Hotel, Kansas City
Russ Baum, Philadelphia
U.S. Olympic Committee
Irwin Kramer, Hotel Edison, New York
John W. Paton, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.
Ben Sonnenberg & Co., New York
Fred Schmertz, director, Millrose AA, New York
Fred Blaicher, Princeton University
Count & Countess Szapary, New York
Walter Lundt, St. Louis
Washington University, St. Louis
Jack Baker, Amer. Fencers League, San Francisco
Humble Oil & Refining Co., Houston
Ed Steitz, Springfield College, Springfield, Mass.
Mayor Randell Christmas, Miami
United Airlines
Robert B. Yegge, Denver
Midwestern Chapter, U.S. Olympians, Chicago
Philadelphia Inquirer Charities, Inc.
Macy's, New York
Herman Engel, Houston
Arthur Austin, Southern Pacific Assn. AAU, Pasadena, Calif.
Clarence Dussault, Boston
Abercrombie & Fitch, New York
George Santelli Fencing School, New York
Chrysler Corporation
Dale Ranson, University of North Carolina
Countess Szechenyi, Washington, D.C.
Alexander Brody, Young & Rubicam, New York
Earl Popovich, San Francisco

To all of them and to all the unnamed others, the team extends its deepest thanks. Perhaps the team can say simply, "Thanks, America."