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Be sure to telephone resorts for latest weather reports

TD—top slopes, depth in inches;
BD—bottom slopes, depth in inches;
CR—ski crowd last weekend;
SN—inches of snowfall last weekend


Stowe, Vt.: Warm spring skiing had Mansfield trails packed with skiers watching American International races. Conditions good. TD 34-40, BD 15-28, CR 3,500.

Dutch Hill, Vt.: Spring skiing brought out girls in short kiltie skirts and fancy Alpine hats. TD 0-15, CR 400, SN 0.

Cannon Mt., N. H.: Fair skiing on upper Cannon and Taft Slalom. TD 0-30, CR 1,000, SN 2.

Mt. Cranmore, N. H.: Skiing on lower North Conway and Rattlesnake only.

Mt. Washington, N. H.: Tuckerman Ravine good. Sherburne trail spotty.

Lac Beauport, Que.: Spring skiing at its best—cool temperatures with bright sun. TD 24, BD 22, CR 1,200.

Mt. Tremblant, Que.: Skiing very good. TD 7-25, BD 4-13, CR 1,800, SN 12.


Aspen, Colo.: Excellent skiing on all slopes. Sno-Cat hauled skiers up Spar Gulch due to breakdown of lower lift. TD 79, BD 28, SN 7.

Arapahoe Basin, Colo.: Biggest crowds of season enjoyed powder snow on Upper Basin slopes. White sweaters popular for spring skiing. TD 62, BD 55, CR 2,000, SN 5.

Hidden Valley, Colo.: Excellent skiing. Trails 1 and 3 open and fast. TD 62, BD 15.

Sun Valley, Idaho: Deep powder, best on Baldy. Harriman Cup March 23-24. TD 66, SN 19.

Alta, Utah: Skiing excellent with new powder on all runs. TD 115, CR 1,500, SN 12.

Brighton, Utah: Packed powder. Night skiing by light of flares colorful spectacle on Mt. Millicent. TD 106, CR 3,400, SN 11.

Big Mt., Mont.: Warm days and cold nights keep good corn surface. Hell Roaring best. Dope Slope excellent for beginners. TD 58, BD 42, CR 600, SN 3.

Taos, N. Mex.: Deep powder on packed base offers fine skiing. TD 102, BD 54, CR 800.

Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Skiing very good, all trails open. TD 33, BD 20, SN 8-14.


Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Excellent powder skiing on both Disney and Lincoln. National Veterans Downhill, Slalom and Combined championships rescheduled for April 13-14. TD 121, BD 84, CR 1,800, SN 24.

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Powder conditions good all over mountain. Black and white Libo sweaters popular. TD 90, BD 36, CR 1,000, SN 30.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Snow storm provided good skiing for weekend. TD 10, CR 1,500.

Yosemite, Calif.: Skiing excellent, all tows operated. Roads clear. Bogner parkas and stretch pants still set style. TD 72, CR 4,500, SN 20.

Mt. Lassen, Calif.: Excellent throughout area. Snowcap Trail continues to draw biggest crowds. TD 115, CR 1,200, SN 23.

Heavenly Valley, Calif.: Best ski conditions of season. TD 24, CR 1,000, SN 14.

Reno, Nev.: Skiing excellent. Roads clear. National Junior Championships scheduled March 21-24. TD 37, CR 1,000, SN 12.

Mt. Baker, Wash.: All trails and touring areas open. Packed runs fast, unpacked trails heavy going. Sunny days brought out Bermuda shorts and blue jeans, topped by bulky sweaters. TD 160, CR 1,600, SN 18.

White Pass, Wash.: Best powder skiing of year on Cascade, Roller Coaster and Poma trails. Ski-Free safety bindings most popular. TD 96, BD 72, CR 1,100, SN 6.

Mt. Rainier, Wash.: All trails open, snow heavy. TD 184, BD 180, CR 1,750, SN 11.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: Skiing very good in dry snow. All lifts operated. Chains needed on roads. TD 178, CR 4,500, SN 44. Govt. Camp: Skiing best at summit of Multorpor Ski Bowl. TD 68, CR 2,500, SN 29.

Grouse Mt., B.C.: Heavy wet snow made skiing poor. TD 87, BD 40, CR 1,300, SN 14.