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ARTHUR HOWE JR. Dean of Admissions Yale has said that women should be admitted to Yale because they would raise the scholastic level. What effect would they have on athletics? (Asked at the Yale banquet for the Olympic crew and the football team)

Chm. finance committee
We want the Ivy League to be a well-balanced and evenly matched group. The other colleges should occasionally win the championship. Our Yale athletes are now tops in the Ivy League and among the best in the country. With pretty coeds to urge them on, they'd be too good for the rest of the league and we'd have no competition.

Famous singer
Former captain of Yale track team
If girls were to be admitted to Yale as coeds, they could raise the level of athletic competition. When a fellow loves a girl a little, he'll do much better at her urging. She can even quote the Bible to him: "Rejoiceth as the bridegroom to run a race" and tell him that after they're married she won't expect him to run quite so fast.

Captain of Yale's 1956 Ivy League football champions
Coeds would have a great effect on football in general. There is more spirit in any college during the football season when the coeds take an active part. The long hours of football practice are pretty much of a grind for the players. Maybe they'd appreciate the companionship of coeds after a tough practice session.

New York
Retired financier
That's a very intriguing thought. I'm a Harvard man myself. In Cambridge we have a little school named Radcliffe that's associated with Harvard. Has it helped athletics at Harvard? I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, if Yale should admit coeds, we'd be on a par and maybe Fair Harvard could win a few football games.

Yale's Olympic light-heavyweight boxing champion
I don't like the idea of coeds at Yale but, if we had them, I think they would help athletics. Look at what our girls did in the Olympic Games. Athletes, men or women, go to schools where their talents will be appreciated. Outstanding girl swimmers and divers might become part of the great Yale University swimming team.

Captain of Yale's 1956 Olympic crew
I don't know what effect the admission of coeds would have on the other forms of athletics at Yale, but with a pretty coed in the stern of a shell as the coxswain, I think the boys would be inclined to listen closely and row a bit better. And she would cradle a boy's head in her lap if he collapsed at the end of a grueling race.

New Haven
The admission of coeds to Yale would be wonderful for athletics. They'd bring new sports to Yale—field hockey, gymnastics, etc., and they could set a new style for evening dresses—muscles in the arms and shoulders. Which would be better, my classmate Rudy Vallee in a raccoon coat or majorettes with the Yale band?

Former Yale football player, chairman National Football Foundation
Coeds at Yale? Never! Football greats like Walter Camp, Pudge Heffelfinger, Frank Hinkey and Tom Shevlin would turn over in their graves. What's the world coming to? Women are even trying to crash the Naval Academy and West Point. Thank the Lord we have our fine president Whitney Griswold. He won't let them in.

Yale end, 1927, 1928
Women at Yale? They certainly were plentiful when I was there. Why not admit them as coeds? They would add quite a bit of color to football games. I can almost hear them in the stands singing: "We are poor little lambs who have lost our way. Baa, baa, baa. We are little black sheep who have gone astray. Baa, baa, baa."