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The Rome Horse Show

Pomp, circumstance and the lively gaiety of a topflight international crowd always make the international Horse Show in Rome a very special equestrian event. The old pines, the traditional uniforms, the international celebrities and the dark-eyed Roman children equally intent upon the complex and precise happenings in the ring—all these are captured here by the camera of a great photographer to whose art these pages are, in a sense, a final tribute. For David Seymour, who took these photographs, died not long afterward in the Middle East, the victim of a war far away from the happy scenes shown here

Carabinieri at ease in traditional Napoleonic uniforms, watch class in hippodrome before going on duty at side of the course.

April shower causes forearmed spectators to hoist umbrellas briefly. Seats are on stone stairs that encircle Piazza di Siena.

Pines of Rome surround the Piazza di Siena where contestants with honor guard of cavalrymen parade in April sun during the second day of competition. Horse show site is in center of historic Borghese Park

Testing jumper for friend, Italy's Olympic silver medal winner Raimondo D'Inzeo rounds course during the seventh day

Poised whip, 7-year-old Gabriellina Fratta, waits outside the ring with groom. Her father is a Shetland pony breeder in Ostia.

Relaxed celebrity, spectator Ingrid Bergman smiles at friends in open-air bar opposite gate where horses enter the hippodrome.