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Johnny Kelley, 26-year-old schoolteacher from Groton, Conn., overcame long-suffered lack of confidence to trounce strong foreign field of runners by almost four minutes, emerge as first American winner since 1945 of Boston Marathon.

Dick Hoover, 28-year-old bowling wizard from Akron, Ohio, blasted tenpins with unmerciful fast ball, outscored Bill Lillard in head-to-head four-game final match, 853-767, won ABC Masters title for second straight year, at Fort Worth.

Vickie Palmer, 12-year-old mite who stands not quite 5 feet tall, scampered off with three trophies in Arizona Tennis Open at Tucson, winning women's singles title, then junior misses' singles, finished with win in mixed doubles.

Burr Grim, University of Maryland senior who majors in languages, edged Jim Beatty of North Carolina in 4:06 mile, during dual meet at College Park, Md., posted U.S. outdoor season's fastest time, marked himself as miler to watch.