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The Question: Was your no-hitter the best game you've ever pitched?

Cleveland Indians
No. In 1951 against Detroit at Briggs Stadium, I pitched what I believed was my best game. After retiring the first 21 men in order, Vic Wertz, now my teammate, belted a homer in the eighth inning. I then retired the next six batters. I'll probably never come closer to a perfect game.

St. Louis Cardinals
No. I was nearly taken out of my no-hitter. I pitched my best game a month later, a 1-0 scrap against Brooklyn and Don Newcombe. Gene Baker hit a home run for me in the eighth inning, and I allowed only three hits. It was tense all the way, and I got the most kick from winning this one.

New York Yankees
Obviously, the "perfect game" I threw in the World Series was the best. But don't forget I had a lot of help from Yogi Berra's call on pitches, Mickey Mantle's home run, his great catch in center field which saved my perfect game and from all my teammates. It was a tremendous thrill.

Brooklyn Dodgers
No. My no-hit game against Philadelphia in 1956 was not up to the game I won for the Giants 7-1, against the Dodgers in 1954, which clinched the pennant. It meant $11,147.90 for each winning Giant in the World Series, the richest in history. I like doing little things like that for my buddies.

Former Cleveland Indian
None of my no-hitters—1-0 against Chicago in 1940, 2-1 against Detroit in 1951, and 1-0 against the Yankees in 1946—was my best. Against the Yankees I walked five men, not a very good game. My best game was against the Browns around 1946. It was a two-hitter, and I faced only 29 men.

Brooklyn Dodgers
No. Fine plays by Bob Morgan saved the 1952 no-hitter, and Robinson saved the day in 1956. My best was the third game of the 1953 World Series against the Yankees. Struck out 14. But the most pleasing was the fifth game of the 1952 series. They scored five runs in the fifth, but we won 6-5.

Boston Red Sox
Indeed it was. I've been pitching for 11 years, and it began to look as if I'd never make it. So, when I beat the White Sox 4-0 last July 14, it was all the more appreciated. I had good control throughout the game and made the batters hit what I wanted them to.

Former Cincinnati Red
No. In 1938 with Cincinnati, I pitched two no-hitters in a row against the Braves and the Dodgers. But my best game was the 19-inning scoreless tie against Brooklyn in 1946, longest in history. I pitched the first 15 innings and was taken out after I tried to score all the way from first on a single.

Chicago White Sox
Yes. My only no-hitter was against the Phillies when I pitched for Milwaukee in 1954. Knowing that I was in a no-hitter made the tension mount with each batter. Even though it was a no-hitter, it wasn't easy. My easiest game was a shutout over the Yankees in Chicago last June.

Former New York Yankee
From the approach of the perfectionist, neither of the two no-hitters I pitched in 1951 was my best. I wasn't able to completely handle the varying situations. The opening game of the 1949 World Series against the Dodgers was most gratifying and a tough 1-0 loss for Don Newcombe.