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SO—season opens (or opened); SC—season closes (or closed).
C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.
N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; K—rising; F—falling.
WT50—water temperature 50°.
FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor; OVG—outlook very good; OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OP—outlook poor

TROUT: COLORADO: Statewide fishing has tapered off chiefly because most rivers and creeks remain H and R. FF/G in lakes and reservoirs, however, especially Granby, Shadow Mountain, Skagway, Taylor and Eleven Mile reservoirs and Grand and San Cristobal lakes.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: FVG almost everywhere throughout interior with trout coming well to fly and troll. Limit catches plentiful in Peter-hope, Glimpse, Le Jeune, Paul, Knouff, Kelly, Skaha and Horse rivers. Most effective flies are Grizzly King, Green and Grey Sedge, Black Gnat. FVG also in coastal lakes, with lower Campbell best bet. Interior OVG; coast OG.

VERMONT: Despite excellent conditions, angling pressure light. Spy can advance no reasons for lack of anglers, as record number of licenses were sold. New Haven River, an excellent fly stream, reports a mere handful of casters. OVG for rainbows on Lamoille between Morrisville and Hardwick and in Wolcott section. Rainbows active for spin-fishermen on lower Winooski River. Lake St. Catherine hotspot for lakers.

WASHINGTON: Ross Lake SO Sunday, June 30, not July 1 as incorrectly listed in regulations. Warm weather has not quieted all west-side lakes. Sutherland, Crescent, Leland, Crocker, Summit, Lawrence, Spanaway, McIntosh and Cushman remain steady producers.

PENNSYLVANIA: Letort Springs Run, once one of state's most famous trout streams, has staged comeback, is now hottest spot in central state. One knowledgeable veteran has found Grey Jeffrey flies most effective there. Below Brandtsville Dam on Yellow Breeches, he advises that Black Gnat will give action. OG.

MONTANA: Salmon fly hatch expected soon on Madison River, where best fishing of season will be found until July 10 when hatch ends. Madison C, and FG below Ennis. Best lake is Tiber Reservoir near Shelby. OP for large rivers except Madison until mid-July.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Warm weather has brought in top fly-fishing of season in White Mountains and remainder of north country. In far north, upper Connecticut River between North Stratford and Beecher's Falls, and between first Connecticut Lake and Lake Francis, producing both rainbows and brooks, with Light Cahill and Adams most effective flies. Hutmaster of Appalachian Mountain Club reports ponds in Millsfield-Erroll section providing excellent fly-fishing. Southern streams L, but still producing for early morning and evening fishermen.

CALIFORNIA: Check following north California streams for fine June angling: Upper Mad and Van Duzen rivers, north fork of Yuba, Merced below El Portal, Kings below Big Creek, Tule River, all forks of the Kaweah. Smaller creeks of Butte county, L and C, are best of season. FVG in Owens River at Pleasant Valley Dam on east slope of Sierra.

TUNA: NEW JERSEY: First school tuna of year taken at week's end some 50 miles southeast of Manasquan Inlet. Fish to 50 pounds were boated, and OG.

STRIPED BASS: CALIFORNIA: Incoming migration continuing, and bait fishing paying off in San Pablo and Suisun bays. Anchovies and sardines favorite food presently. OG.

MASSACHUSETTS: Fishing improving from Nauset Beach at Orleans, with plugs best on morning tides. Charter boats also taking them from Cape Cod Bay. Early last week, 51-pounder was taken from Canal at 4:45 a.m. by Manuel Rezendes of New Bedford. A whale drove stripers out of Canal later in week, but they have reappeared, with Herring Run and Cribbing now hotspots. Spy suggests eelskin-covered plug or live herring.

BLACK BASS: FLORIDA: Heavy rains of past two weeks left bass waters of northwest state M, but after clearing fishing is expected to improve. OF/G.

MISSOURI: Best smallmouth report in state last week was from upper Black River. OG for live-bait fishing if mighty rainy days are followed by a few mighty dry ones.

NEW JERSEY: Hot sunny weather brought out large throngs for statewide and Delaware River SO June 15. Both largemouth and smallmouth inhabit Lakes Hopatcong and Big Swartswood where FG. Smallmouth abound in Delaware, where fishing pressure has always been light. Jersey agent suspects scarcity of rowboat liveries is one reason.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: General SO July 1, preceded by special fly season for smallmouth June 15-30 on Lake Sunapee. Although restricted to fly-fishing, trolling is permitted. Experts favor Brown Hackle, Black Gnat and Colonel Fuller as most productive bass flies.

ATLANTIC SALMON: NEW BRUNSWICK: FP in all New Brunswick rivers, including Restigouche, but drifters report several at river mouths. Annual 60,000-cord pulpwood drive down St. John River makes salmon-angling hazardous. OF.

NOVA SCOTIA: Forty-five salmon landed in western rivers last week. Old reliable Medway led field with 22, followed by Lahave with 10. If promised rains are heavy, OVG for entire province.

PACIFIC SALMON: OREGON: FP in Oregon's coastal waters from Coos Bay north. Storm early in week bringing heavy seas and churning sand, scattered herring and salmon. O only F at present but, if two or three days of calm water ensue, fish should be close-in again by next weekend.

WASHINGTON: Many observers say: "Seen more salmon in past three weeks than in past three years." Fishing first-rate in northern coastal waters. Only negative report in state from Westport. Neah Bay anglers scoring from Waddah Island to Tatoosh, and kings are in at Ediz Hook off Port Angeles, which reported best salmon weekend in two years. First daylight sees best anion at Whistler Buoy off LaPush, where Harley McKibben of LaPush took 36½ pounder on dodger and whole herring, heavily leaded. Mooching and trolling flashers equally successful off Sekiu. OVG.

BONEFISH: FLORIDA: Weather perfect, FVG from Key Largo to Dry Tortugas. Homer Brunkhorst, Jacksonville, landed four bones in 10-pound class with spinning tackle and live shrimp off Matecumbe. OVG.

SNOOK: FLORIDA: Snook in large numbers have been sighted in Flamingo area of Cape Sable and are best fished with feather or spoon dropped in close to mangroves. FG/OG.

BLUEFISH: NEW YORK: Large blues from 9 to 11½ pounds being taken right around Montauk Point by surf casters.

NORTH CAROLINA: Several offshore blues in 10-pound bracket were taken by cruisers out of Oregon Inlet and Hatteras. R. J. Jackson, Butler, Pa., brought in nice 10½ pounder. OG.

LOUISIANA: Blues biting at night by light of offshore oil-rig flares. Five New Orleanians boated 300 in 4-pound class around rigs off Empire last week. OG.

NEW JERSEY: FVG for large blues on deep-trolled lures off Cape May, and many small fish biting three to seven miles off Bay Head. Chumming successful, but method not widely used yet. OG.