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LAWRENCE ROBINSON, Golf writer, The New York World-Telegram and The Sun has said that Bobby Jones had the best swing in golf. Who do you think has the best swing? (Asked at the 10th annual Greenbrier Open, White Sulphur Springs, West Va.)

Blue Hill CC
Canton, Mass.
Member three Ryder Cup teams
Great as was Bobby Jones's swing, I think Sam Snead's is as good, if not better. Sam's swing is more compact, with more power and leverage. He is to golf what natural hitters like Mickey Mantle or Ted Williams are to baseball. There's no other swing like Snead's in golf.

The Greenbrier
Winner, three Masters
When Nelson was going well, he had the best swing I ever saw. His was "the swing with a personality." Ben Hogan has improved his swing. I've played a lot with Ben. He used to be a lasher or whipper, but now he's slowed his swing down to a certain extent.

The Country Club
Winner 1931 U.S. Open
That's a question that can be argued three or four ways, and you wouldn't be warm. Those I played against with the greatest swings were Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. I've never seen a golfer with a more beautiful swing than Vardon's. I rate Sam Snead his equal.

Victoria Golf Club
Melbourne, Australia
Winner last three British Opens
Although Bobby Jones must be one of the greatest swingers, I never saw him. So I'd have to pick Snead. He's a much better swinger than Hogan. Ben hits a lot of "punch" shots, which may be well hit for results, but this is not what golfers consider good swinging.

Grossinger's CC
Grossinger, New York
Winner, 1956 Colonial Invitation
The most graceful and powerful swing is Sam Snead's. Hogan's swing is efficient, but not as natural as Sam's. Let me say it another way: the swing that would work for me is Hogan's, but the most beautiful to watch is Snead's. Sam's swing works only for Snead.

Temple Golf Club
London, England
Winner three British Opens
Bobby Jones had one of the smoothest swings in golf, but he did not have the strength in his hands that Sam Snead has. Sam has the smoothest swing today. Because he was born with extraordinarily flexible thumbs and wrists, he gets terrific power through his hands.

Canterbury Golf Club
Winner, 1938 Masters
I can't name anyone but Ben Hogan. He's proved it through the years. Bobby Jones and Sam Snead are pretty to look at, but they are sometimes wild. That's never true with Hogan. He is as accurate in his swings and shots as a mapmaker is in drawing a map.

Lakewood CC
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Member two Ryder Cup teams
Sam Snead. He set golf back 20 years because everyone has been trying to copy his swing. It's impossible. His swing is natural. All others are manufactured. Sam doesn't have to worry about his body turn, foot action, follow-through, and the other details. His swing just happens.

Seminole Golf Club
Palm Beach, Fla.
Chairman Green Committee
I saw them all, the old masters and the new. One of the most beautiful and fluid swingers was Harry Vardon, an early exponent of the overlapping grip, which most of the boys use today. If he had been a good putter, he would have been almost impossible to beat.