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Traditionally, schoolboy crew—like compulsory chapel and the headmaster's sherry party—is the particular property of private schools. But over the past few years rowing has been adopted with enthusiasm and success by a number of high schools across the country. Washington-Lee High School of Arlington, Va., for example, owns no less than seven eight-oared shells, and more than 100 boys turn out for this most exacting of all team sports. This year, under a spare-time coach, Charles Butt, former MIT oarsman, Washington-Lee took the Stotesbury Cup in a record-breaking 5:01.8 mile at Philadelphia and went on to win the 23rd national schoolboy rowing championship on the Potomac. The above members of the winning eight are Stroke Pete Kresky, Bob McMillan and Reese James, all of whom are planning to go to the University of Wisconsin; Lance Parker (Auburn); Dave Mitchell (VPI); Tom Sullivan and Neal Oliver (both Duke); Bill Howard, who hopes for an Annapolis appointment. Not shown is Coxswain Lee Butler, who is aiming for the U.S. Air Force Air University.