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SO—season opens (or opened); SC—season closes (or closed). C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy. N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising; P—falling. WT50—water temperature 50°. FG—fishing good; FF—fishing fair; FP—fishing poor; OVG—outlook very good; OG—outlook good; OF—outlook fair; OP—outlook poor

BLUE MARLIN: NORTH CAROLINA: Hatteras waters continue to yield exceptional early-season blue marlin, as last week Walter Wilkins of Norfolk, Va. collared a 402-pounder and Maurice Patrick of Richmond, Va. angling off Oregon Inlet from Captain Billy Baum's Kay boated a 366-pound trophy. Both fish were taken at the hundred-fathom curve, and local chauvinist insists many hefty blues are being raised and hooked if not boated; OVG.

WHITE MARLIN: MARYLAND: First white marlin of 1957 season, a 69-pounder, was taken by Vollie Lynch of Selbyville, Del. at the Jack Spot on June 19. Lynch also released one other fish, and three others were taken during the week. Season seems to be running a week to 10 days early, which bodes well for the 15th Annual International Light Tackle Tournament which will be held at Ocean City this year from July 9 to 12th; OVG.

BLUEFIN TUNA: NOVA SCOTIA: First giant bluefin of year spotted at the mouth of Wedgeport's Tusket River. Wedgeport guides also report a preponderance of mackerel and that herring catches are good. Both circumstances should indicate a good tuna summer, but the unhappy fact is that in spite of similar conditions in past few seasons the big tuna have bypassed world-famous Soldier's Rip. Guides and sportsmen alike fervently hope that this year will be a rewarding one, for if it is not Wedge-port may well be finished as a big-game fishing center; too early for prognostication, but July catch should be indicator.

NEW YORK: School fish in the 40 to 60 pound class are being taken some 40 miles off Montauk, and one skipper insists he sighted small school of giants running deep; early OG.

TROUT: MAINE: Timber cruiser advises hottest brookie fishing in years throughout state, as last week, for instance, Tom Haddock of 392 Main Street of Kingston whipped a 7-pound 10-ouncer on a Grey Ghost in Kilgore Pond, Somerset County. Water N on virtually all streams and ponds with Grey Ghosts, Parmachenees and large size Wulffs most reliable flies; OVG.

NEW YORK: Most streams reported L and C with WT over 70 in many cases; OP until rain.

IDAHO: Streams C and slightly H but FG throughout state. Main Salmon producing on nymphs. Salmon-fly hatches emerging on middle fork of Salmon, and Boise River drainage offering redsides to about a pound on wet flies. Spin-fishermen on Big Wood River taking large fish on copper lures, as last week Dave Robinson of Boise landed a 9-pound 9-ounce rainbow. FF in Stanley Basin area, with hardworking fly-anglers using No. 14 drys, especially Mosquitoes. FVG in Priest Lake, with cutthroats whacking Black Gnats; OG.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Interior lakes' Kamloops angling at best with many limits. Reliable spots LeJeune, Hyas, Pinantan, Satke, Peter-hope, Pavilion, Teepee, Surrey, Sussex, Duffy, Tunkwa, Elbow and Mile-High lakes. Smaller lakes near Aurora boasting limits to 3½ pounds on flies and OVG. Coastal lakes still producing, with lower Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island OG. Cowichan River worth trying with flies, with brown trout being logged to 4 pounds.

COLORADO: Water clearing and lowering with OG. Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, and Crystal rivers and nearly all creeks in Glenwood Springs are almost N, and fish are responding to both bait and lures. Gunnison area streams still H, but Willow flies working there and on main Arkansas; OG.

NEW MEXICO: Weather in 90s and FP, so naturally Floyd Bailey of Farmington took a 20-pound brown trout on a piece of cheese.

ALBERTA: In general rivers H and M and roads poor, but anglers report large number of rainbows from 2 to 6 pounds being taken from the Kananskis Lakes, about 100 miles west of Calgary. Trolling has proved most successful, but spin-fishermen using Flatfish also claim results. FVG for fly-fishermen who are taking brooks to 4 pounds in third Vermillion Lake. Lizard, Edie and Betty lakes are all producing trout to 14 inches on wet flies, especially the Grey Hackle.

BLUEFISH: NORTH CAROLINA: Blues to 11 pounds running offshore from Oregon Inlet and Hatteras with OVG.

NEW JERSEY: Snappers numerous off mid-Jersey coast but being taken mostly by deep trolling. Some 7-pounders now hitting off Barnegat Ridge, an indication that chumming will start any day. Most surprised blue fisherman of week: Captain Louis Gulfo of the charter boat Elsie G out of Brielle who, while trolling for small blues east of Klondike Bank last Saturday, hooked and promptly lost a sailfish. Captain Gulfo fishes sailfish in Florida every winter, so the presumption is that he knows one when he sees one. OVG for blues, but don't count on a sailfish.

STRIPED BASS: NEW JERSEY: FG at night in surf, particularly in Asbury Park and Deal sections. Trolling poor but expected to improve with hard weather.

CALIFORNIA: Surfing on upswing last week at Fleischhackers and Baker's Beach and at Sharp Park. Trolling between 7 and 9:30 p.m. in San Pablo Bay also rewarding and OG for fish to 30 pounds.

NEW YORK: Montauk surf casters and trollers report plenty of fish, few of which are taking; OP until change of bass temperament.

ATLANTIC SALMON: NOVA SCOTIA: FP, with water L and WTH. Only 31 fish killed last week compared with 245 for same period last year. Lahave top river, with nine, Med-way next with six; OP and heavy rain needed badly.

MAINE: Water L and FF. Latest kill shows 27 fish from the Narraguagus, 25 from the Dennys, nine from the Sheepscot and seven from the Machias. Nevertheless, OG on Machias for balance of June and first part of July as biologists there have trapped over 100 adult fish in past few days; OF in general.

PACIFIC SALMON: WASHINGTON: Fair run of silvers in north Sound along west coast of Lummi Island near Lummi Rocks. Fish taking small herring. Another run developing in big feeding area on the west side of Whidbey Island from Double Fluff to Point No Point. North fork of lower Skagit River L and C and churning with springs to 40 pounds. FG also at La Push and Neah Bay for silvers and kings, with the north shore of Orcas Island producing springs to 20 pounds; OVG.

CALIFORNIA: Finest run of year off San Francisco between Farallones and Point Reyes, with salmon from 7 to 25 pounds. Monterey anglers averaging one to two fish each with jigs and lures; OG.

BLACK BASS: MISSOURI: Current River N and C and bass are hitting medium running lures, and Black Gnats with No. 3 spinner and pork rind combination. FG at Clearwater and Wappapello lakes, on surface plugs only. OG.

MISSISSIPPI: Mississippi River Lakes too H for good fishing, but FG in Enid and Grenada reservoirs, FF in Sardis Reservoir.