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For more years than anyone in Bellingham can remember, this shy, quiet rancher has brought the joys and responsibilities of the outdoors into the lives of boys all over the state of Washington. Louis' multitudinous good works are mostly unobtrusive. He constructs fishing floats on lakes, persuades farmers to let him build fishing access roads over their pastures and slaughters his whiteface cattle to provide beef for boys' camps. Recently Louis adopted a gang of 60-odd wild kids on the border of delinquency and taught them camping, marksmanship and archery. But his greatest achievement was to persuade the state legislature to grant to every hunt-minded boy the opportunity to receive in high school expert instruction in firearms. For a lifetime quietly devoted to the outdoor world and to his fellow men, La Freniere was chosen by sportsmen's clubs all over the state as Washington's Outstanding Sportsman of 1956-57.