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Pete Rademacher, shown here with knowing wink, may well be first amateur to fight for world heavyweight title if planned bout with Floyd Patterson in Seattle week of Aug. 19 comes off. No powder-puff puncher, Olympic Champion Rademacher thinks he can beat Patterson (see page 21).

Bill Cox, 17-year-old skipper from Darien, Conn., who is Western Long Island Sound junior champion in Lightning class, whipped 24-foot Raven class knockabout from behind in last of four-race series at New London to give Pomfret School narrow victory over Hotchkiss for Mallory Trophy.

Clyde May, broncbusting senior from McNeese State College in Lake Charles, La., seems to be following in footsteps of rough-riding brother Harley, who heads up Rodeo Cowboys Association. Clyde's school won college rodeo title at. Colorado Springs, and he was named cowboy of year by NIRA.