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Original Issue

One City One Game

What is baseball? A game played best by professionals? Certainly, but it is so much more. HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON wandering around one city, Milwaukee, to photograph the sheer overwhelming presence of baseball discovered that mostly it is people...a boy waiting blissfully for a player's autograph...another popeyed with delight...

...the watchers

calm appraisal of a pop foul
box seat fan, fully equipped
carefree extrovert
moment of anguish
the knowing and unknowing
faces, and faces, and faces
moment of joy

...the boys in the park
with a picnic table as an impromptu backstop

...and the men

remembrance of things past: 10 swings 25¢
the high school game
"now here's the way to follow through"
family softball
a fielder's glove for mother

... both sexes, all ages

girls play baseball games
boys trade baseball cards

...all devotees

"it's for my daughter"
the serious shoppers
youth buys, and age would like to buy
the heir to all this